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Faucet LUX

Quality and reliable accessories accompany our furniture.

Quality accessories

Faucet LUX


Faucet LUX

This tall, stainless steel faucet is a must-have for any kitchen
Made of brass, it will last you a lifetime. The flexible metal connection hose and swivel spout make it easy to access the water, regardless of where the sink is located in your kitchen.
Simply turn the metal side handle for instant water flow with minimal noise – ideal when you’re trying to be quiet.
What’s more, this hard faucet has ceramic trays, a 35mm replacement mechanism and is suitable for most sinks – no need to worry about compatibility!


  • Dimensions: 18,8 x 5,9 x 33,7 cm. (W x D x H)
  • Ceramic trays
  • Low noise, 35 mm mechanism. with replacement option
  • Flexible metal connection pipes
  • Rotating spout
  • Side metal handle



Quality accessories.

We offer high quality accessories and reliable electrical appliances that can be installed in our kitchens and other furniture.

Our accessories are made with the highest quality materials and construction to give you years of reliable use. The appliances are also easy to install, which makes them the perfect addition to any kitchen.



More options

Induction hob

Induction hob SILVER N-1110

Dimensions 30cm (width) x 50 cm (height) x 50 cm (depth)

Ceramic hob

Vitroceramic hob SILVER CH-2404

Dimensions 30cm (width) x 50 cm (height) x 50 cm (depth)

Gas hob

Gas hob SILVER Κ110

Dimensions 30cm (width) x 50 cm (height) x 50 cm (depth)

build-in oven

Big Oven

Dimensions 59cm (width) x 56cm (height) x 56cm (depth)

Microwave oven

Oven 28Lit

Dimensions 50 cm (width) x 31 cm (height) x 40 cm (depth)


Microwave oven

Dimensions 44 cm (width) x 26 cm (height) x 35 cm (depth).

Fridge 144cm

Refrigerator SILVER S122

Dimensions 54,2cm (width) x 144 cm (height) x 56,6 cm (depth)

Refrigerator 84,5cm

Refrigerator SILVER S110 E

Dimensions 54,5cm (width) x 84,5 cm (height) x 56,6 cm (depth)


INOX Hood with 1 motor

Dimensions 60cm (width) X 14 cm (height) X 48,5 cm (depth)

Silver – Paraskeva Bros

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