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Hotel furnishing

Top quality and aesthetics.


Hotel furniture

Furniture for hotels

Silver has been providing quality furniture for hotel customers in both domestic and international markets for more than four decades. Our robust and long-lasting products are designed to suit a variety of spaces and climates with innovative, customizable designs.

We offer classic and modern material, textures and colours that help create warm, professional and welcoming spaces for customers from all over the world. Our portfolio includes more than 500 different tourist accommodations around the world.

So why not join today in those who appreciate fine furniture. See our photo gallery of recently produced and assembled hotel furniture delivered by Silver around the world.


Hotel furnishing

Collection of photos of hotels and other hotels.

Suitable for any space.

We manufacture furniture for hotels, residences, offices, rentals and student rooms.




Residential properties





Student room

Student Rooms

Silver - Paraskeva Bros

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