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Kitchenettes in different dimensions and equipment


Top aesthetics

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Application Mini-kitchen KS 105

Mini-kitchen KS 105

105 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm
The smallest we produce, without lacking in functionality. It provides everything a small space needs, without lacking in elegance and usability.

Application Mini-kitchen KS 125

Mini-kitchen KS 125

125 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm
It is 125 cm wide, which is a very popular size for small spaces. It is full of practical features that make it easy to use and useful

Application Mini-kitchen KS 140

Mini-kitchen KS140

140 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm
It has many features that make it easy to use, such as a hob, fridge and plenty of storage space. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for any space.

Application Mini-kitchen KS 160

Mini-Kitchen KS 160

160 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm
This mini kitchen is the ideal solution for those who want the comfort of a full kitchen without the large size. It is equipped with everything you need, such as an oven, hob and fridge, so you can easily cook and reheat food.

Application Mini-kitchen 190

Mini-kitchen 190

190 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm
Its elegant design and compact size make it ideal for small apartments or studios. If you are looking for a mini kitchen that has all the features of a full-size kitchen, then the KS 190 is the ideal choice for you.


Kitchenettes that fit in every space

With the beauty of furniture of high aesthetics, their ergonomic design and top quality, they will fit in every room.



Solutions in vaiety of dimensions


Mini-kitchen KS 105


Mini-kitchen KS 125


Mini-kitchen KS140


Mini-Kitchen KS 160

MINI-KITCHEN 190<br />
BIG FRIDGE &<br />

Mini-kitchen 190


Mini-kitchen for disabled

Unique model.

Mini-kitchen with Corian

Mini-kitchen KS 125 with CORIAN


This kitchen is really unique! The CORIAN kitchen countertop is not only beautiful, but also extremely practical. It is ideal for food preparation and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition to the countertop, this kitchen also has a hob, sink and fridge. With its versatile design and high quality finishes, this kitchen is truly one of a kind.

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