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SILVER company was founded in 1982. In 1994 we entered the furniture industry with the manufacture of plastic furniture and rollers and their applications in wood constructions (kitchenettes, mini-bars).

The company expanded into hotel equipment field with the main production product being kitchenettes and complete room equipment. Today, we specialize in the production of kitchenettes and mini-bars as well as general room furnishings such as wardrobes, folding and non-folding beds, etc. with branded customers both from Greece and abroad.

The company is housed in Thessaloniki in proprietary facilities with a vertical production machinery for processing wood and plastic using high technology machines.

Modern production line

High technology production line


Modern production line

SILVER uses state-of-the-art wood and plastic processing machines and is able to produce any furniture that combines wood and plastic.

SILVER in the last years has made significant investments to improve its production.
By investing in the development of the

  • Latest technology CNC machines
  • Automated, vertical production and storage system

Sales network and showrooms
SILVER has an organized sales network in Greece and abroad. 50% of our sales are exported to foreign countries.


Continuous quality checks

Our company


Careful execution of the production process and proper management of orders are important factors in ensuring the consistency and efficiency of our business. We do our best for these purposes.


High quality logistics


Packaging & Shipping

We pack the products in special boxes, so that they are safe and their volume is minimized.

We have a permanent showroom for you to see the quality of our materials.

Green company.

Zero energy footprint

Green Company.


SILVER is taking steps towards becoming an environmentally conscious company. With a zero energy footprint, the company produces the electricity she consumes in order to reduce any environmental impact from the industry.

This is particularly useful in times of high electricity use, as SILVER not only maintains energy efficient operations and reduces emissions, but also relieves other external electricity networks of extra pressure or workload.

Through this effort and environmentally friendly production, SILVER contributes to the preservation of a healthy environment and shows that businesses can be equally responsible for the production and consumption of electricity.

Silver – Paraskeva brothers

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Are you looking for high quality and affordable furniture for your home or business? Look no further We specialize in the production of kitchens, mini bars and general room furnishings and our products are known for their quality and affordability. So come and have a look at what we have to offer – you won’t be disappointed!